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Medical Vision

Medical Vision Co. is a leading Company in Jordan established in 2004 in Amman – Jordan, as a private firm, focusing on special products, Imaging and IT Solutions. We are specialized in “Consumables, Medical Equipment, Medical Solutions and IT Healthcare” and dedicated to deliver the highest quality medical technology with the Jordanian Market.
In Medical vision we Manage the Day-To-Day business comes utilizing long years of Experience with well-known international companies recognized in the market with our interaction with the business an interaction that yielded strong data base and fruitful relationships with our clients.

Why Medical Vision

  • Well known Company in Presenting Medical & IT Products within the Jordanian Market.
  •  Well Structured Established Company with Long Experience.
  • Focusing on Unique Products.
  • Managing Business by Top Management Day To Day.
  • Well Established Service Dept. with Managing Product Data Informatics.
  • Highly educated Engineers in Different Engineering Specialties (Bio Medical Engineering, Information Technology Engineering,Telecommunication Engineering, Electronics Engineering).
  • Networking Experience & Certification.
  • Well designed Project Management Planning.
  • Only Service & Maintenance Dept. does Mammography Calibration in Jordan.

Medical Vision Core Values

  • Long Term Businesses, it is our strategy to provide customers with high-quality after–sale service and support.  In the last 10 years we have built a solid business background since our goal was always to look for new opportunities and business trends. In this regard we have been developing strategic planning (KPI’s) in our business.
    Customer Satisfaction, Due to our well-organized company, which follows organized channels of sales and service, and growth plans, our company was able to secure its customers and provide them with the highest quality and satisfaction. Specifically, our business model focused on well-known business International brands , new trends, and unique products which results in a 100% satisfaction rate for our clients.
  • Experienced Team, Our success comes from the experience of Mr. Ahmad Al Helo (GM), who has a long-standing experience in medical field. In addition to being affiliated with many well-known business and companies, his philosophy in management helped reach high levels of professionalism, as reflected by certificates obtained from world-wide organizations , healthcare companies, and local hospitals.
  • Community and Society Responsibilities (CSR), Contributing & Enriching Social Environment of Jordan, through Educational Training for university students, cancer program support (i.e Scanning    Program) and Quality Assurance Programs.
  • Quality & High End Services.


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