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Tradition and History

The first pieces of medical furniture originated in 1931 from the unflagging energy of a man that exactly knew how to combine creativity with innovation.The current managing director, grandson of the company founder, remains loyal to the principles that have proved to be successful for already more than 80 years. The company’s rich history and enthusiastic spirit are the ideal incentives to create unique furniture that keeps the balance between design, quality and functionality.
In particular, our products are a means of forming a lasting partnership with you, the future of our company. We sincerely hope to be your loyal future partner, so that we can continue to write history…together.


Craftsmanship and Production

Haelvoet has been manufacturing medical and nursing home furniture since 1931. High quality and a finishing touch have always been key elements in our production process. Thanks to our long and broad experience, we have grown into a unique production company with an excellent know-how of wood, metal and fabrics.
Haelvoet owns two independent production units with their own features and markets. Our Belgian branch mainly concentrates on Western Europe and further export markets, whereas our Romanian production unit is active in Central and Eastern Europe.
Our company is the proud owner of an ISO certificate. This means that our company guarantees you high-quality products and an outstanding after-sales service. Our product and quality requirements even surpass the standards required by the medical device directive. Haelvoet products are excellent investment goods and will serve you perfectly for many years. Thanks to its longer lifespan, a choice for a Haelvoet product is a choice for a durable investment.



We don’t just put a piece of furniture in a room. Assisted by interior designers, our R&D team is constantly tailoring our products to both the residents and the environment in which they have to be used. A well-though-out and durable use of materials is of crucial importance in this context.
Entrepreneurship with an open mind.
Haelvoet is an entrepreneurial company with an open mind and no prejudice or a hidden agenda. We share our knowledge, because we believe that more can be achieved together than alone. Users and designers are therefore involved in the development process. Thanks to this form of co-creation, our products are continuously becoming better and more user-friendly.


Your Future, Our Concern

Haelvoet strives for durable growth without forgetting its social and ecological responsibility.
Our people make products for people. It is for this reason that ethical entrepreneurship plays a key role in our corporate policy. The protection of the environment, too, was already a well-considered choice of our management, long before it became a trendy concept. Our PEFC and environmental certificate, as well as our recyclable materials, modern environment friendly production processes and ecological design philosophy bear witness to this. After all, protecting the environment is protecting our future.
Haelvoet pursues the same goals as you do. A liveable world for the next generations. This is a continuous search for the right balance between people, environment and entrepreneurship. Production processes and deliveries have to be as efficient as possible, whereas resources are deployed respectfully. Thanks to this approach, choosing Haelvoet is choosing an honest product.



Haelvoet cares for people, both literally and figuratively.
Each customer gets a personal approach with respect and dedication. We listen to your wishes and ideas and give advice without any obligations. Together we look for the best solution. Haelvoet and its experienced commercial network vouch for high-quality products and lifetime maintenance.

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