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Not everything as strong as iron is made of iron. The CAWO ABS X-ray cassette bears witness to this. It is made from Novodur®, a hard plastic with an impressive list of quality characteristics including strength, light weight and durability. Qualities that really count.
It is well known that the choice of material for an X-ray cassette is of vital significance. Such is the life cycle of an Xray cassette, being called upon over and over again to prove itself in the most extreme circumstances. They must be able to absorb shocks. Novodur® has established just such a reputation in a variety of applications. For example, Novodur® is widely implemented in the automobile and aerospace industries. Additionally the special rib structure provides an even greater strength. The ABS cassette lasts a long time … and that is to your advantage.
When one considers that this kind of durability comes in a cassette that is lighter than conventional metal cassettes, then of course the handling of the cassettes becomes much more comfortable. Sturdy, yet lightweight. A valuable combination found in CAWO ABS cassettes.

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