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The lightweight durability of Curix cassettes. A comfort shared by millions. Combining features like reliability, durability, comfort and minimum weight in one cassette is not an easy task. Yet, Agfa has succeeded in doing so thanks to its innovative technology and to Novodur, an extremely tough light plastic. The Agfa cassettes are easy to handle by staff and are comfortable for the patient. The cassettes are long-lasting and shockproof. Above all, they provide excellent diagnostic results.

As the cassettes are manufactured entirely from novodur, they are 25 % lighter than metal cassettes. Novodur feels warm and soft when touched by the patient. The edges are rounded off so as not to injure the patient. Add to this a careful design and rubber corners to absorb shocks and you will realise that Agfa cassettes will last for years.

You can open the Curix cassettes up to 270 degrees, which facilitates loading or unloading them. Furthermore, a countersunk relief dot on the cassette clearly indicates whether the cassette is loaded with film or not. If you see, or —in the darkroom— feel that the dot is filled, the cassette is loaded.

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