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MAMORAY HDR-C Plus is a single-sided orthochromatic mammography film that is part of the Agfa HealthCare film/screen system for mammography. The film uses both Split Emulsion Layer (S.E.L.) and the Cubic Crystal technologies. Agfa’s Split Emulsion Layer technology provides the MAMORAY HDR-C Plus film with three emulsion layers on one side of the film. Each layer consists of monodispersed Cubic Crystals of identical size.

Because the latent image is formed on the edge of the crystals, the developing chemicals (G138i) do not have to penetrate into the crystals. As a result the developing process is fast and allows less scope for variations. In this way Agfa’s Cubic Crystal technology ensures extremely consistent mammography images.

The mammography system offered by Agfa today combines several technologies which results in many advantages and in an unmatched mammography image quality. The increased gradient ensures improved visualization of clinical significant information in both the glandular and retroglandular tissue.

A particular strong point is the system’s high dynamic range. For every image, the contrast is optimized for each density range. Equally, the system provides excellent visualization of details which are further enhanced by the masking effect of high maximum density in the non-image area adjacent to the skin-line.

Agfa’s Cubic Crystal technology provides highly consistent processing results and optimal image quality. Normal fluctuations in the processing conditions hardly have any effect on the sensitometry of the film. The silver crystal structure produces a comfortable neutral image tint that helps to perceive tiny low contrast details.

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